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Case Study: Together She Can - Rebrand

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Together, she can breathe again. Together, she can feel human again.Together, she can learn to love herself again.

Together She Can is a non-profit in Boston, MA, that aims to help women experiencing homelessness. The organization collects new and lightly used toiletries, cosmetics, and essentials for women, and donates them to local women’s homeless shelters.

As Together She Can started to grow and create new partnerships, the founder approached GooseInk Designs to give the organization a new, fresh look. Since the non-profit’s rebrand, Together She Can has seen an 80%+ increase in site traffic overall.


Logo Design


There were multiple goals I wanted to achieve with the new logo: give separate emphases on “together”—it takes a community effort to help those on hard hard times—and “she can”—because it’s about her and what she can accomplish; create symbolism that gives the organization immediate context; and evoke empathy, pride, and femininity.




Deva Ideal

Primary Text

Deva Ideal is a clean typeface that evokes familiarity and warmth.

Deva Ideal is the primary typeface and should be used in all running copy. The typeface should be used primarily in the “Book” weight; use the “Medium” weight for bold.

Deva Ideal is the web and email substitute for sub-headings (H2 and beyond). Deva Ideal is available on Adobe Fonts.


Brushability Script

Primary Display

Brushability Script is a feminine font with humanist strokes that gives a personal touch on the brand.

This is the primary display font and is used in the logo. Usage should be limited to titles, headlines, and top headings (H1).

Brushability Script is only available for print materials. Use Relation Two found on Adobe Fonts as a web and email substitute.


Brushability sans

Secondary display

Brushability Sans is only available in capitals. The subtly uneven strokes give the typeface character.

This typeface is the secondary display font that is used in the logo, and should only be used for subtitles, sub-headlines, and sub-headings (H2 and beyond).

Brushability Sans is only available for print materials. Use Deva Ideal capitals as a web and email substitute.


Color Palette


The color palette promotes hope, gentleness, and femininity. The names of the colors reflect the strength and perseverance of both women as individuals and the possibilities of what can be accomplished when women work together.


Brand in Action



Together She Can is professional and approachable, with a mission to help the local community spread positivity and good.


Donation Baggies


Together She Can creates goodie bags that contain toiletries, cosmetics, and essentials to help women experiencing homelessness feel human again.




Together She Can’s website is a place where users can find information on the orgranization, resources to run donation drives for their local communities, and applications for partnerships.

Current partnerships include Girl Scouts of America, Warby Parker, Sephora Stands, and more.